Who we are?

BAC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) school in downtown Brooklyn serving children aged 5-21. Current enrollment is 19; between the ages of 5 and 18 years old and have a diagnosis of autism, PDD or related disorder. 

Is our program year-round?
Yes, BAC is a 12-month program. School days are from 9am – 3pm. We follow the NYC public school calendar. 

Is your program all ABA?
Yes. Applied Behavior Analysis is the educational standard and best practice for children on the Autism Spectrum. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is applied across the day by using specific techniques to increase skill acquisition and decrease maladaptive behaviors. Basic principles of behavior analysis such as reinforcement are used to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.  

Is your program 1:1?  
Yes, a 1:1 student to staff ratio is applied across the day. In order to facilitate generalization of skills, each student is assigned 3-4 Instructors who rotate every 45 minutes. Structured group learning opportunities may be programmed into a student’s schedule to provide opportunities to work with their peers. Each student’s education and treatment program is individualized. Our students have a curriculum based on their specific needs – whether within the realm of academics, behavior management, communication, self-care, vocational skills, or social skills. 

What technology is used at BAC?

We utilize various forms of technology throughout the school day to supplement and enrich every student’s program. This includes computers, iPads, Kindles, interactive SmartBoard lessons, educational software, and online reading, writing and math programs. Computers, iPads or Kindles may be introduced and utilized for the development of leisure skills at school. For nonverbal or minimally verbal students, iPads may be utilized as a communication device. 

What type of extra-curricular activities does BAC do?
Our extra-curricular programs include horseback riding, dance, music, fitness, art and periodic field trips.

What is BAC Friends?
BAC Friends is our Peer Socialization after-school program, which meets once weekly on Thursdays.

What is the training & education level of BAC instructors?
BAC instructors are college graduates and come to BAC with experience working with children on the spectrum. Over 70% of BAC instructors hold or are in the process of obtaining a Master’s degree in Education. Over 70% of our instructors are in the process of working towards national certification. All instructors are CPR certified and trained in First Aid and PMT (Physical & Psychological Management Training). Ongoing training at BAC is extensive and includes daily supervision by onsite BCBAs.

Do you offer related services such as OT & PT on-site?
Related services are not provided during school hours but we are happy to help coordinate them. 

How are parents kept updated on their child’s progress?
The parents and caregivers of our students are our greatest resources and strongest partners. Our staff partners with families in school and the home to build trust, promote continuity of learning, and reinforce key strategies. Monthly clinics between parents and staff are mandatory. Through daily updates, monthly clinics, annual IEP meetings with ther children’s teachers and supervisors, and additional training opportunities in the home, families and staff work together to build skills across home, school, and real-world settings.