Work with Us

The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) has been at the forefront of autism education for over 15 years. Our employees are compassionate, caring, dynamic individuals interested in serving the special needs community. New employees receive extensive training in applied behavior analysis in a collaborative and rewarding environment. We offer supervision hours toward certification in behavior analysis (BCBA, LBA). All employees are provided opportunities for growth and professional development. Our talented staff, dedicated parents and exceptional students make BAC a unique and special place to work.

Why Work Here (or Awesomeness Happens Here)

Core Values

  • Our Community is Child-Centered: Our students’ physical and emotional safety is our priority. Our staff works hard to build a warm, caring, and productive learning environment.
  • Our Community Embraces Diversity and Individuality: We value diversity of culture, experience, and perspective. We learn about, observe, and experience each other with respect. We use language that is inclusive and safe for all. We celebrate each other’s strengths and accomplishments.
  • Our Community is Inclusive: Believing that all people bring unique abilities and talents, we work to ensure that all members – including students, staff, and families – feel a sense of belonging and find ways to participate in our community.
  • Our Community Works as an Effective Team: Staff, families, and the larger community collaborate to achieve our mission. We work as a team to solve problems and respect everyone’s contributions.
  • Our Community Acts with Integrity and Respect: Ethical and honest behavior is part of everything we do. We believe that how we achieve results is as important as the results we achieve.
  • Our Community Strives for Excellence: We seek continuous improvement through reflection, innovation, and thoughtful risk-taking.


Brooklyn Autism Center is currently seeking candidates for an ABA Instructor. This position is FULL TIME with hours 8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday. Excellent benefit backage, including approximately 10 weeks paid vacation annually, health and dental insurance, and optional Transitcheck enrollment. Please send your resume along with a cover letter to:


  • Instructors are responsible for teaching students one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis utilizing various evidence-based methods including but not limited to discrete trial training, behavior chaining procedures, incidental teaching, implementing behavior plans, recording and graphing data, creating and maintaining stimuli and other duties as needed.
  • Instructors assist in the implementation of programming in a range of areas including: peer integration, social interaction, communication, academics, self-help skills, gross-motor skills, language, functional living skills, behavior management and recreation/leisure pre-vocational skills.
  • Instructors assist in the implementation of data collection systems which measure student progress in each of the above areas. They participate in clinic (parent/teacher) meetings to review student progress, programs, procedures, teaching techniques, administrative matters, etc.
  • Minimum Requirements: BA/BS in Psychology, Education or related field; 1 year in an ABA program preferred.
  • Experience working with children with Autism utilizing ABA preferred.
  • Applicants should have excellent organizational skills,  motivated, energetic and reliable, with a passion for teaching children with Autism.
*BCBA/BCaBA supervision available to fulfill requirements for board certificaiton.